Commissioner Jourová met European consumer organisations on the Volkswagen case

Yesterday, 31 consumer organisations from all over Europe came to Brussels on Commissioner Jourová‘s invitation to start working on solutions to better protect consumers in the context of the Volkswagen emissions case. This meeting is part of the Commission’s efforts to ensure that EU consumers across the 28 Member States get a fair treatment in this case. Commissioner Jourová said: “This was an important first step and this cooperation will continue. I will discuss this with the Volkswagen Group and with enforcement authorities. I want to ensure consumers get a fair treatment.” The meeting helped the European Commission to gather the information necessary to assess whether the relevant EU legislation is properly enforced and it gave consumer organisations the chance to exchange information and best practices to be more effective in dealing with this case. Commissioner Jourová has committed to discussing the results of yesterday’s meeting with Volkswagen and the relative enforcement authorities in the coming weeks. This initiative follows previous calls of Internal Market and Industry Commissioner Bieńkowska for voluntary compensation of European consumers without the need for class action.