Commissioner Malmström in Sweden to participate in a Citizens’ Dialogue on trade and protectionism

Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström is in Stockholm today, where she is participating in a Citizens’ Dialogue on the EU trade policy’s role in shaping globalisation, entitled “Protectionism does not protect”. She will be joined onstage by several business leaders. This will feed into the ongoing debate launched by the Commission last May with the publication of the Reflection Paper on harnessing globalisation, followed by the presentation of a significant trade package for a balanced and progressive trade policy. Openness and protection should go hand in hand. The EU is open for business, but there should exist a level playing field in a rules-based global trade system. At the occasion of her visit in Sweden, Commissioner Malmström will also deliver a keynote speech at the European Dairy Association Annual Convention “Global trade for global dairy”. The Citizens’ Dialogue is web-streamed as of 10:30 here.