Commissioner Oettinger at major digital event CeBIT in Hannover, Germany

Today and tomorrow Commissioner Oettinger, in charge of the Digital Economy and Society, is at one of the largest events for digital business, CeBIT, in Hannover, Germany. He will give a keynote speech at the conference on ‘Driving the Digital Economy and Society in Europe’on the implementation of the strategy for a Digital Single Market. He will say: “2016 is the year in which we will deliver: in the coming months we will present a wide range of proposals to make the Digital Single Market a reality. In 2015 we focussed on planning and preparation. By the end of the year we will deliver on our promise to launch all major initiatives to make digital progress in Europe.โ€ At CeBIT 2016 the European Commission will be also take part in a dedicated programme and exhibition on startups, showcase successful EU-funded projects and provide information on support for startups. Tomorrow Commissioner Oettinger will give a keynote speech at the Go Global Summit, an event of the startup community. More information can be found here as well as on the Twitter account and the announcements of the Commissioner