Commissioner Thyssen meets civil society organisations to reinforce dialogue on the EU’s economic and social agenda

Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility Marianne Thyssen is meeting with a large number of civil society organisations to discuss how to strengthen the social dimension in the EU. The majority of attendants are EU-level NGOs working on several areas, such as social justice, fight against poverty and homelessness, or social inclusion of Roma, people with disabilities, migrants and other vulnerable groups, to mention a few. The meeting will allow participants to share their expertise and views in order to promote convergence towards higher social standards, in line with the goal of a ‘Triple A Social rating’ set by President Juncker in his Political Guidelines. Commenting ahead of the meeting, Commissioner Thyssen said: “Working with civil society is crucial for achieving a social triple A. Feedback and support from those working on the ground is essential to build common labour and social standards and in the preparation of our upcoming initiatives. This meeting launches a new approach to dialogue with civil society and will explore forms of future cooperation with the Commission in the months to come.” The speech by Commissioner Thyssen is available here.