Commissioners Johansson and Reynders travelling to Zagreb for informal meeting of Justice and Home Affairs Ministers

Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson and Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders will attend the informal Justice and Home Affairs Council in Zagreb on 23 and 24 January. On both days, the informal ministerial meeting will start with a working session on the future of the European area of freedom, security and justice, which Commissioner Johansson and Commissioner Reynders will attend on their respective areas of responsibility. On Thursday, Commissioner Reynders will join Justice Ministers for a working lunch on the role and importance of the European Judicial Network in civil and commercial matters in facilitating judicial cooperation. In the afternoon, a working session will be held on ways to further strengthen judicial training. On Friday morning, Commissioner Johansson will join Home Affairs Ministers to discuss the implementation of interoperability measures, which are intended to close important security gaps by making EU information systems for security, migration and border management work together in a more intelligent and targeted way. The working lunch will be dedicated to the fight against organised migrant smuggling networks. In the afternoon, Ministers will exchange views on the challenges and prospects for the strengthened European Border and Coast Guard, following the entry into force of the revised Regulation on 4 December. A press conference with the participation of Commissioner Reynders will take place on Thursday afternoon after the meeting at +/- 15:30 CET.On Friday, a second press conference with the participation of Commissioner Johansson will also take place after the meeting at +/- 16:30 CET. Both press conferences will be streamed live on EbS+.