Commissioners Miguel Arias Cañete and Carlos Moedas welcome the UN climate change report on 1.5° C global warming limit

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has today issued its Special Report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels and related global greenhouse gas emission pathways. The report provides policy-makers across the globe with a strong scientific basis for their efforts to modernise the economy, tackle climate change, promote sustainable development and eradicate poverty.

The Commission welcomes the report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. It will provide a strong scientific basis for further climate change negotiations in Katowice, Poland in December. Commissioner Moedas and Commissioner Arias Cañete said: “The EU has been at the forefront of addressing the underlying root causes of climate change and strengthening a concerted global response to it in the framework of the Paris Agreement. Taking the valuable input from the Report into account, the Commission is working towards presenting in November a proposal for an EU strategy for long-term greenhouse gas emission reduction. It will be a comprehensive vision for the modernisation of our economy, our industries and our financial sector. The EU will work to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in-line with the Paris Agreement’s temperature goals, and to make our economy more modern, innovative, competitive and resilient.” The EU will continue to work to address those challenges and expect others to follow. All parties must step up efforts from the pledges made under the Paris Agreement”. Please find our full press statement here.