Common Agricultural Policy 2023-2027: strategic plans of Cyprus and Italy worth €26.9 billion approved

Today, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) strategic plans of Cyprus and Italy, respectively worth €373 million and €26.61 billion, were approved by the Commission. Out of the total EU budget of these two countries, €7.4 billion will be dedicated to environmental and climate objectives and eco-schemes and almost €680 million to young farmers.

The Cypriot plan wants to sustain the resilience and competitiveness of the agricultural sector. Around €155 million will be allocated to support farmers’ income. To support the production of halloumi cheese, the main Cypriot agricultural export and a registered Protected Designation of Origin, the Cypriot plan will particularly support the sheep and goats farming sector. In terms of environmental and climate action, water management and soil preservation have been identified as the main challenges to address. Rural development funds will also support local businesses which, among other projects, is expected to lead to the creation of more than 900 jobs.

Italy is one of the largest agricultural producers and food processors in the EU with a very diverse agricultural sector. Italy’s plan will introduce a maximum amount per hectare on the basic income support to farmers. Small and medium-sized farms will receive a redistributive payment to achieve a fairer financial support. About 800,000 farmers will also receive specific funding (from a total envelope of almost €3 billion) to participate in risk management tools so they better cope with the growing impact of adverse climate events. As part of its environmental commitments, Italy’s plan aims to increase the area under organic farming to 25% of the agricultural land. Italy will also be among the first EU countries to implement the new social conditionality of the CAP to ensure safety at work and combat labour exploitation. Finally, €1.1 billion will be dedicated to helping young farmers set up and secure their business.

The new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), set to start on 1 January 2023, is designed to shape the transition to a sustainable, resilient and modern European agricultural sector. The CAP will benefit from €270 billion in funding for the 2023-2027 period. More information is available in the “at a glance” documents and in the news item online.