Common Agricultural Policy 2023-27: Strategic plans of Germany, Greece and Lithuania worth €47.8 billion approved

Today, the CAP strategic plans of GermanyGreece and Lithuania, respectively worth €30.5 billion€13.4 billion, and €3.9 billion, were approved by the Commission and represent a total EU budget of €47.8 billion. Out of the total EU budget of these three countries, more than €14 billion will be dedicated to environmental and climate objectives and eco-schemes and €1.6 billion for young farmers.

In its plan, Germany focuses on protecting climate and environment while ensuring the competitiveness and resilience of farms and rural areas. Organic farming is specifically supported with nearly €2.4 billion and about 30% of the agricultural land will respectively benefit from practices reducing emissions or maintaining/enhancing carbon storage, improving soil quality or enhancing water quality.

Greece‘s plan will improve the viability of small- and medium-sized holdings, which represent the backbone of Greek agriculture. This will be done with the help of targeted income support and an additional redistributive payment. The Greek plan also aims to reduce the environmental footprint of agriculture and manage natural resources more efficiently.

Lithuania puts a strong emphasis on fair incomes for farmers in its plan. Around €3 billion is allocated for income support with a redistributive payment for small- and medium-sized farms, as well as coupled support for several sectors. More than 4,600 young farmers will be supported to set up and will then receive additional aid. Sustainable farming practices will also be rewarded.

The new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), set to start on 1 January 2023, is designed to shape the transition to a sustainable, resilient and modern European agricultural sector. The CAP will benefit from €270 billion in funding for the 2023-2027 period. More information on each plan as well as the breakdown of their CAP budget is available in the “at a glance” documents and more information are available in our news item online.