Common Security and Defence Policy: Council approves conclusions on civilian CSDP

The Council approved today conclusions on civilian Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), underscoring the added value of civilian CSDP missions in today’s geostrategic environment, as confirmed by the establishment of three new missions in Armenia, Moldova and the Gulf of Guinea in 2023.

The Council welcomes the first steps made in enhancing the effectiveness of civilian CSDP in line with the 2023 Civilian CSDP Compact, as well as the establishment of a Civilian Capability Development Process (CCDP) in 2024. A first Annual Civilian Capabilities Conference is foreseen to take place under the CCDP in the first semester of 2024.

The conclusions highlight the essential work done by EUAM Ukraine in support of the reform of the Ukrainian security sector, integrated border management, as well as efforts made in the field of investigation and prosecution of international crimes, and re-establishing the rule of law in the Liberated and Adjacent territories, following the adaptation of the mission’s mandate in response to Russia’s war of aggression. The Council also reiterates the importance of the work conducted by the European Union Partnership Mission in the Republic of Moldova and the EU Mission in Armenia.

The Council welcomes the launch of the EU Security and Defence Initiative in support of West African countries of the Gulf of Guinea, aiming to reinforce the capacities of security and defence services and forces to respond to terrorist pressure.

Furthermore, the conclusions highlight the Council’s call for continuous efforts to ensure the coherence of civilian CSDP with other EU instruments as well as the need to improve the modularity and scalability of civilian CSDP missions.

The Council invites the High Representative to hold an annual discussion on civilian CSDP at the Foreign Affairs Council.


On 21 March 2022, the Council approved “A Strategic Compass for Security and Defence – For a European Union that protects its citizens, values and interests and contributes to international peace and security”.

Following the Strategic Compass, the new Civilian CSDP Compact, was approved in May 2023. This new policy framework for civilian CSDP builds on the first Compact adopted in November 2018 and enhances the effectiveness and capabilities of civilian CSDP missions through concrete commitments, deliverables and timelines signed up to by member states and EU institutions.