Coronavirus: 13 additional projects in Greece receive technical support through the Structural Reform Support Programme

Today, the Commission adopted a decision approving 13 additional requests by Greece for technical support through the Structural Reform Support Programme (SRSP). The projects will be financed from Greece’s voluntary transfer of €5 million from their technical assistance component under the European Structural and Investment Funds to the SRSP. The new measures will come on top of the more than 170 support projects coordinated by the Commission in Greece. Elisa Ferreira, Commissioner in charge of Cohesion and Reforms, said: “Despite the coronavirus outbreak, the Greek authorities continue their efforts to pursue ongoing reforms. This is an important step towards recovery. The Commission will step up its efforts on the ground to deliver the right expertise and help Greece follow this reform path. The selected projects are in line with the EU’s strategic priorities in the areas of e-governance, education, health, labour, environment, energy and others. The projects will aim to help Greece face economic and social challenges, contribute to boosting growth, improve the daily lives of the people in tangible ways and support Greece’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. The Structural Reform Support Programme offers expertise to all EU countries for the implementation of growth-enhancing reforms. The support is based on request and is tailor-made for the beneficiary Member State. Since 2017, the programme has supported close to 1,000 reform projects in 27 Member States.