Coronavirus: EU energy sector is well prepared and ready to contribute to economic recovery

Yesterday, EU Energy Ministers, together with the Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson, discussed the preparedness of the energy sector in response to the COVID-19 crisis and its potential to contribute to economic recovery programmes. They concluded that the European energy system is resilient and that there is currently no risk to supply disruption. Following the meeting, Commissioner Simson said: “This unprecedented emergency has put our energy system to the test. I am proud to say that it has proven its resilience and there has been no disruption of supply. I want to thank the Member States, Europe’s energy companies and network operators.” Additionally, on the economic recovery, she added: “We must use this moment as an opportunity to accelerate the progress towards our climate neutrality goal. The Green Deal will be at the heart of that plan and energy will have an important role to play.” During the videoconference, there was strong support for the European Green Deal as a key pillar of the EU’s recovery strategy. The Commission was asked to maintain its high level of ambition and proceed with its agenda of planned initiatives, such as the Smart Energy Sector Integration Strategy, Renovation Wave and Offshore Energy Strategy. More information is available in the statement from the Commissioner and this news item.