Coronavirus: Further assistance delivered to Western Balkans through rescEU and the EU Civil Protection Mechanism

The EU is sending further protective medical grade FFP2 masks and gowns to Montenegro and North Macedonia from the rescEU stockpile – the common European reserve of medical equipment created to help countries facing shortages in the context of the coronavirus outbreak. At the same time, Slovakia has also offered FFP2, FFP3 and surgical masks, as well as hygiene packs, blankets, tents and generators to North Macedonia via the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. “The rescEU reserve and the EU Civil Protection Mechanism continue to prove their value in delivering assistance to those in need. Personal protective equipment remains essential as we continue fighting against the coronavirus. We are now sending more than 130,000 additional protective masks to Montenegro and North Macedonia on top of previous deliveries. I thank Germany for hosting and transporting this batch of rescEU equipment as well as Slovakia for their generosity towards our close neighbours in the Western Balkans”, said Commissioner for Crisis Management, Janez Lenarčič. This support comes on top of 520,000 masks already delivered from the rescEU reserve, as well as in-kind assistance provided to countries in need via the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. The rescEU reserve is hosted by Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Romania and Sweden who are responsible for procuring the material, while the Commission covers 100% of the costs and coordinates distribution.