Coronavirus response: Cohesion policy continues to support Italy’s recovery

The European Commission has approved the modification of Tuscany’s Operational Programme in Italy, redirecting €154.7 million from the European Regional Development Fund towards coronavirus-related measures. Of this amount, €10 million will be used to strengthen the health sector, €141 million to support SMEs and €3.7 million for digitalisation in schools. In addition, the EU co-financing rate will be increased to 100%. This will help beneficiaries of the funding to overcome liquidity scarcity in the implementation of their projects. Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira, said: “As one of the most affected countries by coronavirus in Europe, I am glad to see that Italian regions are more and more taking advantage of the Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative. It shows the comprehensive approach we need to respond effectively to people’s needs in such hard times: from health to economy as well as education, in line with our motto not to leave anyone behind.” Tuscany has been among the first regions in Italy to benefit from cohesion policy flexibility, now exceptionally possible thanks the Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative (CRII).