Council conclusions on European climate diplomacy after COP21

  1. Recalling its conclusions of July 2015 which invited the High Representative and the Commission to report back in early 2016 on the outcome of the COP21 and its implications for climate diplomacy, the Council adopted the following conclusions.
  2. The Council welcomes the Paris Climate Agreement as a landmark achievement for combating climate change, and for multilateralism. The Paris Agreement represents an ambitious, balanced, equitable and legally binding agreement. The adoption of the agreement and the cumulative announcement by the end of COP21 of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) by 187 Parties marked a decisive turning point towards comprehensive and collective global action, and, when implemented, will definitively and irreversibly accelerate the transition to a climate resilient, climate neutral global economy.
  3. The Council congratulates the Parties to the Convention, the United Nations and the Peruvian and French COP Presidencies for their tireless effort and successful work leading to the achievement of the Paris Agreement and expresses its support to the upcoming Moroccan COP22 Presidency.