Declaration by the High Representative on behalf of the EU on Sudan

The EU strongly condemns the military coup in the Republic of the Sudan and the unlawful detention of the Prime Minister, several Ministers, leaders of the Forces of the Freedom and Change and other civil society representatives; they must be released immediately.

The EU also strongly condemns the statement of General Burhan declaring nationwide state of emergency, the suspension of key articles of the Constitutional Document and the dissolution of governing bodies. This attempt to undermine Sudan’s transition towards democracy is unacceptable. If the situation is not reversed immediately, there will be serious consequences for EU’s engagement, including its financial support.

Following decades of authoritarian rule and repressive dictatorship, the legitimate right of the people of Sudan to a better future respecting rule of law, human rights, and democracy, including electing a civilian government, must be respected.

The EU recalls the right of and respect for peaceful protests and urges security forces to show restraint; further violence and bloodshed must be avoided at all costs and perpetrators of human rights violation shall be held accountable.

Access to communication networks must be restored without delay.

The EU reiterates its strong commitment to Sudan’s transition, calling on all stakeholders and regional partners to support the country’s immediate return to the democratic path.