Declaration of the EP’s MFF Contact Group on the post-2020 EU budget package

Declaration of the European Parliament’s MFF Contact Group following the Commission proposals on the next Multiannual Financial Framework and the reform of the EU’s own resources.

The European Parliament is strongly in favour of an ambitious and political budget for the MFF 2021-2027 based on a clear strategy and objectives and on the principle of European added value.

The next MFF 2021-2027 should be the translation of the EU’s political project and policy priorities into the financial means needed to achieve them and should be based on a reformed and modernised own resources system.

Therefore, as the only directly elected EU institution, the European Parliament is fully committed to playing a constructive role in the forthcoming negotiations on the MFF and own resources.

The European Parliament adopted two resolutions on 14 March 2018 setting out detailed positions on the main aspects of the next MFF and on the reform of the EU’s own resources, thereby constituting the reference for the upcoming negotiations.

Parliament is ready to start work immediately to make it possible to deliver a satisfactory outcome to citizens ahead of the EU elections of 23 to 26 May 2019.

It is our common responsibility to give an important political signal on the Union’s capacity to act, and Parliament expects from the Council and the Member States the same willingness to engage in an active and constructive dialogue with the European Parliament, as of today.

The European Parliament’s consent is needed to adopt the new MFF and while Parliament is ready to advance quickly, it is determined to make full use of its prerogatives when assessing the outcome of the upcoming negotiations.

A large majority of political groups consider that the expenditure and revenue side of the next MFF form part of a single package and no agreement can be reached on the MFF without corresponding headway being made on own resources.

While different positions exist within the Parliament on the budgetary priorities, all political groups stand united in reminding that Parliament is to give its final consent. They are therefore determined to ensure that Parliament’s role is central throughout the entire process, in the interest of the European citizens.