Delivering on the Security Union: Commission proposes EU certification system for airport security equipment and to promote a more competitive EU security industry

The European Commission is today proposing to establish a single EU certification procedure for aviation security screening equipment to enhance the competitiveness of the EU security industry, as previously announced on 20 April when setting out the way forward towards the achievement of an effective and genuine EU Security Union. The introduction of an EU certificate will allow security equipment approved in one Member State to also be put on the market in others. The creation of an EU system of mutual recognition for security equipment will help overcome market fragmentation, strengthen the competitiveness of the EU security industry, boost employment in the sector and ultimately contribute to improving aviation security across Europe. Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs, and Citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos said: “Technology can help us to prevent threats before they materialise, and strengthen the security of European citizens and the resilience of European society as a whole. Today’s proposal, by simplifying and harmonising the rules for the certification of airport screening equipment, will ensure that our high security screening standards are applied at airports everywhere in the EU. It will also contribute to boosting the competitiveness of the European security industry and improving its capacity to offer solutions enhancing the security of European citizens.”