Democratic Republic of the Congo: Council expresses its readiness for a gradual engagement in support of the government’s reform agenda

The Council adopted conclusions on the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), after the first peaceful transfer of power in the country’s history, opening a window of opportunity for stability and inclusive development in the DRC and the region as a whole.

While noting the remaining important challenges faced by the country, the conclusions indicate the EU’s readiness for a gradual engagement in support to the DRC government’s reform agenda, based on reciprocal commitments. With the adoption of these conclusions, the EU reiterates its intention to remain a key partner and interlocutor of the DRC.

Today, the Council also decided to maintain individual restrictive measures against several personalities of the DRC and to lift these measures for two other persons, on the basis of an evaluation of the situation in the DRC. The sanctions were adopted in response to the obstruction of the electoral process and human rights violations. The Council will further review the restrictive measures in light of the evolution of the situation and stands ready to adjust them accordingly.