Digital Single Market: Commission takes action on e-commerce, audiovisual media rules and online platforms

The European Commission today made an important step towards a Digital Single Market. The Commission has tabled a three-pronged plan to boost e-commerce by tackling geoblocking, making cross-border parcel delivery more affordable and efficient and promoting customer trust through better protection and enforcement. Furthermore, the Commission has proposed an update of EU audiovisual rules to create a fairer environment for all players, promote European films, protect children and tackle hate speech better. And the Commission has also presented a new approach to online platforms. Andrus Ansip, Vice-President for the Digital Single Market, said: “All too often people are blocked from accessing the best offers when shopping online or decide not to buy cross-border because the delivery prices are too high or they are worried about how to claim their rights if something goes wrong. We want to solve the problems that are preventing consumers and businesses from fully enjoying the opportunities of buying and selling products and services online. We also want online platforms and the audiovisual and creative sectors to be powerhouses in the digital economy, not weigh them down with unnecessary rules. They need the certainty of a modern and fair legal environment: that is what we are providing today.” A press release on the e-commerce package is available here (in all EU languages) along with a video and a set of questions and answers. A press release on the revised Audiovisual Media Services Directive and on policy guidance on online platforms is available here (in all EU languages) with a set of questions and answers.