Digital Single Market: The Commission invests in boosting EU’s cybersecurity resilience


The European Commission launched yesterday a new  call for tenders to support the Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs Network), created by the Directive on security of network and information system (NIS Directive), the first EU-wide cybersecurity rules which enable national authorities and market operators to better tackle cyber threats. With a budget of €2.5 million funded by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme, this new call comes shortly after a previous call of €1.5 million aimed to support essential services, such as health, water, digital infrastructures and transport sectors. A further tender will be published shortly to help national competent authorities increase their cooperation under the NIS directive (NIS Cooperation Group). In total €5.5 million is being invested in 2019, via calls for tenders, to step up European cybersecurity readiness and facilitate the sharing of information and cooperation among all the cybersecurity key players that are defined by the NIS Directive. In addition, a call for grants will be launched on 4 July 2019 with a budget of €10 million, to help European public administrations and businesses strengthen their cyber resilience. Altogether, by 2020 over €60 million will have been invested on cybersecurity deployments through the Connecting Europe Facility programme. Furthermore, the Commission proposed to invest €2 billion to boost the EU’s cybersecurity strategic equipment and infrastructure as part of the future Digital Europe programme for 2021-2027. For more information about the EU’s actions on Cybersecurity see here and for the NIS Directive and its implementation here.