Draft EU Budget 2018: Commission proposes budget with focus on jobs, investments, migration and security

The Commission has today proposed the 2018 draft EU Budget of €161 billion in commitments focusing on the creation of more jobs, especially for young people, and on boosting growth and strategic investments. In addition, building on the actions already undertaken in previous years next year’s EU budget will continue dealing effectively with the migration challenge, both inside and outside the EU. Improved reporting will enhance the focus on concrete results which will be achieved thanks to EU funding. Commissioner Günther H. Oettinger, in charge of budget and human resources, said: “With this budget we want to strike the right balance between keeping our past commitments regarding major EU programmes and addressing new challenges, while enhancing EU added value. We try to make sure that more young Europeans will be able to find jobs and that more key investments will be made on the ground. Demonstrating tangible results and making a difference in the daily lives of Europeans continues to drive all EU action.” The European Parliament and the European Union Member States will now jointly discuss this proposal. A press release in all languages and a MEMO are available online.