Elisa Ferreira: The role of Cohesion EU Policy in tackling the socio-economic fallout from COVID-19

I speak here today in a watershed moment for Europe. Will we, all of us, collectively find the political will and demonstrate the leadership to put an ambitious European recovery plan to action?
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Half of the way is done. The European Commission has put on the table an unprecedented, ambitious recovery package. Most importantly, it has put cohesion and solidarity at the heart of this package.

This house was crucial to reach this point. The two resolutions supported by a large majority of the political forces have called for a bold proposal. There may be issues where positions still diverge. This is part of the normal democratic process. We need to move fast to find a common solution.

Institutional negotiations cannot linger anymore: we must strike an agreement on both recovery instruments powered by the Next Generation EU and the MFF 2021-2027, in full respect of the community method.

With the understanding that every day lost without action, is a life, a job, a business lost without concrete support.

Cohesion is essential to counter the emerging disparities across and within Member States; to level the playing field for the internal market to function; to provide the necessary investments needed for a green and digital recovery.