Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council of 9 October 2023

Indicative programme

All times are approximate and subject to change

Monday 9 October

Yolanda Díaz, Spanish minister for Work and Social Economy
José Luis Escrivá, Spanish minister for Inclusion, Social Security and Migration

from 08.30
Arrivals (live streaming)

Doorstep by Yolanda Díaz (live streaming)

Beginning of the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (Employment and Social Policy)

Adoption of the agenda

Approval of A items:

+/- 09.45 (public session)
European Semester 2023: Impact of new technologies on labour: Towards a just digital transition
a) Key employment challenges: Key Messages from the EMCO based on the Annual Employment Performance Report and the Employment Performance Monitor
b) Key social challenges: Key messages from the SPC based on the Annual Review of the Social Protection Performance Monitor
c) Council Decision on guidelines for the employment policies of the Member States

+/- 11.35 (public session)
Council Recommendation on developing social economy framework conditions

+/- 11.50 (public session)
Conclusions on mental health and precarious work

+/- 12.00 (public session)
Any other business
– Evaluation of Upskilling Pathways

– Presidency events
i) Informal Meeting of Ministers for Employment and Social Policy (Madrid, 13 and 14 July 2023)
ii) Tripartite Barcelona Declaration
iii) Tripartite social summit
iv) High-level conferences

+/- 12.25 (public session)
Current legislative proposals
– Directive on combating violence against women and domestic violence

+/- 12.35 (public session)
– Presidency events
v) Informal Meeting of Equality Ministers on Violence against Women (Pamplona, 24 November 2023)

+/- 12.40 (public session)
Conclusions on measures to ensure equal access for Roma to adequate and desegregated housing

+/- 12.50 (public session)
Any other business
– Directive on European Disability Card and European Parking Card for persons with disabilities
– European Child Guarantee implementation: National Action Plans

+/- 13.15
Press conference in live streaming

+/- 13.30
Informal lunch

+/- 15.00 (public session)
Consolidation and strengthening of the European social protection systems

+/- 16.30 (public session)
Conclusions on social protection for the self-employed

+/- 16.45 (public session)
Any other business
– Activities related to legal migration

+/- 17.15
Press conference in live streaming