EP Quaestors elected, Parliament Bureau complete


The five new Quaestors for the first two and a half years of the 9th legislative term were elected by acclamation in Strasbourg on Thursday morning.

The five candidates received the following votes to determine their order of precedence:

1.Anne SANDER (EPP, FR)407
2.Monika BENOVÁ (S&D, SK)391
3.David CASA (EPP, MT)391
4.Gilles BOYER (Renew Europe, FR)317
5.Karol KARSKI (ECR, PL)261

Role of Quaestors

Quaestors deal with administrative matters directly affecting MEPs themselves. Together with the President and Vice-Presidents elected yesterday, Quaestors form the European Parliament Bureau, which lays down rules for Parliament’s smooth functioning. Among its other duties, the Bureau draws up Parliament’s preliminary draft budget and decides on administrative, staff and organisational matters.