EU agri-food exports remain higher than in previous years

EU agri-food exports in December 2015 achieved a value of €11.2 billion, thus exceeding the value of previous years for the same month by almost €1 billion. This is an uptake of more than 9% compared to the usual export values in December. Highest increases in monthly export values were recorded for USA, China and Japan, as well as for some Middle East countries, notably Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. The highest increases in monthly export values were witnessed for wheat as well as for vegetables and for pork. On the other hand, exports decreased since last December for milk powder and hides and skins. EU’s agri-food imports also increased compared to December last year. The highest increase in monthly imports was from Ukraine, followed by imports from USA and Australia. Imports of unroasted coffee, tea, wheat, oilseeds and tropical fruits, spices and nuts increased while imports of oilcakes, beet and cane sugar, soya beans and palm oil went down. The trade balance for all EU agri-food products in 2015 showed a surplus in exports of about €16 billion. More detailed statistics are available online.