EU and ASEAN to discuss competition policy and enforcement during 2nd Competition Week in Bangkok

Officials and experts from the EU and member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will meet in Bangkok, Thailand, on 8 and 9 May 2023 to discuss cooperation on competition policy and enforcement.

On 8 May, participants will discuss international cooperation in antitrust and mergers, with a focus on the role played by innovation and pipeline products in the assessment of merger cases. On 9 May, discussions will cover cartel investigation techniques for building an effective case, as well as State support with a focus on subsidy control and competitive neutrality principles.

The second EU-ASEAN Competition Week will be hosted by the Trade Competition Commission of Thailand and is part of a series of dialogues on competition policy and enforcement between the two sides. These dialogues provide an opportunity for the European Commission, the ASEAN Member States Competition Authorities, and the ASEAN Secretariat to advance their technical cooperation and exchanges.

The meeting is part of the Competition Cooperation project, a 5-year EU-funded programme offering technical cooperation to competition authorities in Asia. The objective is to share experiences and strengthen convergence in competition policy, to the benefit of citizens and businesses in both the EU and in Asia.