EU and China meet during 26th Competition Week to discuss competition policy and enforcement

Officials and experts from the EU and China will meet online from 23 to 25 October 2023 to discuss their cooperation on competition law and enforcement.

The sessions will focus on competition law enforcement in the EU and China, particularly on the approach to vertical mergers, as well as on competition law enforcement and trade associations. Participants will also discuss the new regulation on the Fair Competition Review System in China, which aims at promoting a competitive and unified market by preventing public policies from distorting and restricting competition, and EU State aid procedures, with a focus on the cooperation between the EU and its Member States.

The EU-China Competition Week takes place biannually and is part of the Competition Cooperation project, a five-year EU funded programme offering technical cooperation to competition authorities in Asia. It provides a platform for exchanges on competition policy between the European Commission Directorate-General for Competition and the Chinese State Administration for Market Regulation. The objective is to share experiences and strengthen convergence in competition policy, to the benefit of citizens and businesses in both the EU and Asia.

More information about the European Commission’ bilateral dialogue with China in the field of competition policy is available on the Commission’s website.

(For more information: Lea Zuber– Tel.: +32 2 295 62 98; Sara Simonini- Tel.: +32 2 298 33 67)