EU anti-racism action plan: The Commission appoints the first ever Anti-Racism Coordinator

The European Commission has appointed Michaela Moua as its first ever Anti-Racism Coordinator, delivering on an important commitment set out in the EU anti-racism action plan. In her new role, the Coordinator will liaise closely with people with a minority racial and ethnic background and relay their concerns to the Commission. Ms Moua will interact with Member States, the European Parliament, civil society and academia to strengthen policy responses in the field of antiracism. Finally, she will join forces with other Commission services to implement the Commission’s policy on preventing and combating racism. Helena Dalli, Commissioner for Equality, said “I am delighted to welcome Ms Moua whose work will be essential to implementing the anti-racism action plan. With her appointment, the Commission is taking another important step in the promotion of an anti-racist European Union. We intend to bolster our efforts against racism in a close relationship with EU countries, civil society and other stakeholders”. Ms Moua studied International Development and then held a number of senior roles in NGOs in her native Finland combatting racism and discrimination. For the last few years, she has worked at the Ministry of Justice in Finland. She has extensive experience and expertise in combatting racism and ethnicity-based discrimination and in promoting an ethnically equal and diverse society. More information about the EU anti-racism action plan and the recently organised EU Anti-Racism Summit is available online.