EU budget for 2017: Council sets out its position

On 12 September 2016, the Council adopted its position on the draft EU budget for 2017. The Council’s main objective is to ensure that the limited  financial resources available are directed towards the EU’s top priorities. These are measures to address the migration crisis and its root causes, and actions to boost Europe’s economy and create jobs. Overall the Council’s aim is to secure a sustainable and effective budget at a time of continuing budgetary constraint.

“I believe that the Council’s position reflects a balanced approach that makes the most effective use of the EU budget under the current circumstances and constraints. It targets the available financial resources on our current priorities, provides  enough financial leeway to react to unforeseen needs and avoids unnecessary burdens on member states’ national budgets by striving to match the budget  to actual needs. I am confident that together with the European Parliament we can work towards securing a sustainable budget”, said Vazil Hudák, chief negotiator for the EU budget of the Slovak Presidency of the Council.

For a description of the Council’s position, click here