EU cohesion policy: Commission adopts €2 billion Partnership Agreement with Finland for 2021-2027

The Commission adopted its Partnership Agreement with Finland, laying down Finland’s €2 billion cohesion policy investment strategy for the period 2021-2027. The funds will support Finland in promoting economic, social and territorial cohesion, with a focus on key EU priorities such as the green and digital transition. The funds will also contribute to the country’s competitive, innovative and sustainable growth. The Partnership Agreement with Finland paves the way for cohesion specific operational programmes to be implemented on the ground. It covers 3 programmes, of which two cover the whole country and one concerns the Åland region. Moreover, it establishes the eligibility and implementation of the Just Transition Fund in the regions with the most carbon-intensive industrial facilities to help them face the challenges of the transition to climate neutrality. The Partnership Agreement also reflects Finland’s strong commitment to the coordinated use of the cohesion policy funds with the Recovery and Resilience Facility. Under cohesion policy, and in cooperation with the Commission, each Member State prepares a Partnership Agreement, a strategic document for programming investments from the cohesion policy funds and the EMFAF during the Multiannual Financial Framework. It focuses on EU priorities, laying down the strategy and investment priorities identified by the Member State, and it presents a list of national and regional programmes for implementation on the ground, including the indicative annual financial allocation for each programme. The Partnership Agreement with Finland is the fifth agreement for the 2021-2027 funding period, following those of Greece, Germany, Lithuania and Austria. More details in our press release.