EU Cohesion policy: Over €60 million to improve Dubrovnik’s water supply and treatment system in Croatia

Today, the European Commission has approved an investment of more than €60 million from the Cohesion Fund to upgrade the water supply and wastewater collection and treatment infrastructures in and around Dubrovnik, Croatia. Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira, commented: “This project will not only provide inhabitants with the essential access to clean water and reduced water losses but it will also boost the commercial and touristic attractiveness of the area, thus improving the local socio-economic development. Once more, Cohesion policy is about delivering concrete solutions and additional benefits to local challenges.” Works on water supply mainly cover Dubrovnik, but also include districts supplied by the Zaton-Orašac-Elafiti and Mioševići-Visočani systems, while the wastewater section of the project covers Dubrovnik agglomeration alone. The project will contribute to ensure compliance with the EU Drinking Water, urban wastewater treatment, groundwater and Water Framework Directives. More details on EU funded investments in Croatia are available on the Open Data Platform.