EU exports to the US support 5 million jobs – new tool shows where and in what sectors

Companies exporting from Europe to the US are spread out right across Europe, and are based not just in cities but in thousands of small towns and even villages. This can be seen by exploring the wealth of data available through the Commission’s new data visualisation tool “EU-US trade in your town“. The tool allows users to find out where companies are located, what the most exported products are from any given region and to where in the US they are exported. For each town, the tool also gives information about its share in all the overall jobs linked to US exports, knowing that EU export to the US supports almost 5 million jobs in the EU.  Users of the tool will be able to get answers to questions such as: what are the most popular exports from Finnish Lapland, to the US? What is Thessaloniki’s share of all Greek jobs that are linked to exports to the US? And which American towns import products from Brussels, Belgium?  In total, more than 180,000 European companies export to the US today, and almost 90 percent of them are smaller firms with less than 250 employees. These companies would be the first beneficiaries of improved trade relations between the EU and the US. In total, 30 million jobs in the EU are linked to exports to other countries, and country-by-country information on how these jobs are spread out is also available here.