EU-Japan deal on data flows enters into force

Today, the landmark deal on cross border data flows between the EU and Japan entered into force. It is a milestone in our joint efforts to advance the digitalisation of both European and Japanese societies and economies. Its provisions will facilitate business on both sides, sending a strong signal against digital protectionism.

With its inclusion in the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), the agreement will deliver real benefits to companies active across most sectors, such as financial services, transport, machinery, and e-commerce. Businesses can now handle data more efficiently, without cumbersome administrative or storage requirements, in a predictable legal environment.

This entry into force of this agreements also promotes the concept of ‘Data Free Flow with Trust’, a guiding principle for international cooperation on data flows, based on our shared values. It allows us to lay the foundation for a common approach on digital trade, acting against arbitrary unjustified restrictions to data flows, while promoting shared prosperity.