EU-Ukraine Association Council – Joint press release

The European Union and Ukraine held the third meeting of the Association Council on 19 December 2016 in Brussels, one month after a successful 18th EU-Ukraine Summit. The Association Council reaffirmed the close and comprehensive partnership between the EU and Ukraine, based on common values of democracy, rule of law and human rights. It reaffirmed the continuing commitment to political association and economic integration between the EU and Ukraine. The importance of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, including its Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area, was underlined in this regard. The Association Council took note of the decision by EU Heads of State and Government on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, which opens the way towards its full entry into force.

The Association Council welcomed the substantial progress achieved by Ukraine in the reform process since its last meeting, including approximation with EU norms and standards across the board. The EU welcomed the commitment and determined work of the Government of Ukraine on implementation of political and economic reforms during its first nine months, reaffirming resolute support for these efforts and encouraging their continuation in a swift and sustainable manner. The Association Council welcomed the work of the European Commission’s Support Group for Ukraine in coordinating this support. The Association Council took stock of progress and discussed the way forward in the reform process as committed to jointly by the EU and Ukraine in the Association Agenda, notably regarding human rights, constitutional and electoral reforms, rule of law and judiciary, decentralisation and local self-governance, public administration, public procurement, energy sector, deregulation, trade related reforms and health sector reform. The recent launch of electronic-asset declarations, the ProZorro public procurement system and the establishment of new anti-corruption bodies are notable successes in this regard. The Association Council underlined that progress should be consolidated and continued notably in the field of anti-corruption by strengthening the capacities and independence of the anti-corruption institutions.

You can read the full joint press release here