Eurobarometer: European citizens’ attitudes to corruption

Today, the European Commission is publishing the results of the latest special Eurobarometer on corruption. The survey shows that corruption is unacceptable for a large majority of Europeans (69%). Just over seven in ten Europeans believe that corruption is widespread in their country and consider that corruption exists in the national public institutions (70%) and among political parties and politicians (53%). Since 2013, the proportion of respondents that consider corruption to be widespread has decreased in 18 Member States and only a minority of Europeans feel that corruption affects their daily lives (26%). While the nature and scope of corruption varies from one Member State to another, corruption harms the EU as a whole.  The Commission is stepping up its fight against corruption. We have issued new rules to protect the EU’s financial interests against fraud and corruption, strengthened administrative and criminal procedures, and we are currently setting up the European Public Prosecutor’s Office. European legislation in other areas such as anti-money laundering and public procurement also include important anti-corruption provisions. In the field of asset recovery, new legislation has been initiated to ensure the mutual recognition of freezing and confiscation orders. The survey on public attitudes to corruption is available online and more information on the Commission’s activities to fight corruption is available here.