Eurobarometer show record public support for the euro and broad support for introduction of rounding rules

Public support for the euro has reached an all-time high, according to the European Commission’s latest Eurobarometer survey. A record 80% of respondents believe the euro is good for the EU and 70% consider the euro good for their own country. The Eurobarometer survey was conducted among some 17,700 respondents from the 19 euro area Member States between 22 and 29 March 2021. The Eurobarometer survey and the results of a separate open public consultation find that an increasing number of citizens support rounding rules and the abolishment of one and two-cent coins. The Eurobarometer shows 67%  of the public are in favour of abolishing one- and two-euro cent coins through mandatory rounding (up or down) of the final sum of purchases to the nearest five cents. There is majority support for this in all 19 euro area Member States. The summary of the open public consultation on rounding rules shows that 72% of respondents do not find one- and two euro cent coins useful and 71% consider that rounding rules to the nearest five euro cents should be introduced. A majority of respondents consider that rounding rules should be mandatory (71%) and harmonised in the euro area (77%). The public consultation attracted 17,033 responses. The public consultation took place over the course of 15 weeks, between 28 September 2020 and 11 January 2021. The Eurobarometer survey is available here. The results of the public consultation on rounding rules are available here.