European Agenda on Migration: Commission reports on progress and calls on Member States to make further efforts to implement measures

Meeting in Strasbourg today ahead of next week’s European Council, the Commission will present four progress reports on measures taken under the European Agenda on Migration. The Commission will review the progress made in the EU’s emergency relocation and resettlement schemes and, as announced in its previous progress report, will specify its position on making use of its powers under the Treaties for those Member States that have not yet implemented the Council decisions. The Commission will also report on the roll-out of the European Border and Coast Guard and the implementation of the EU-Turkey Statement. In addition, the Commission will present results and lessons learned under the Partnership Framework on Migration one year after its launch and the efforts undertaken along the Central Mediterranean route. Press releases on the implementation of the European Agenda on Migration and Partnership Framework on Migration will be available online at the start of the press conference with Commissioner Avramopoulos in Strasbourg, which is scheduled for 15h30.