European Citizens’ Initiative: Commission registers two new initiatives on renewable energy and on protecting rural heritage

Today, the Commission decided to register two European Citizens’ Initiatives, entitled “Every European house equipped with 1 kW photovoltaic and 0.6 kW wind turbines using EU funding through the municipalities alone and “Protect the EU’s Rural Heritage, Food Security and Supply. The organisers of the initiative on renewable energies call for action to build and install the necessary infrastructure to supply households (including in the most isolated villages) with green energy, with a view to reducing their CO2 footprint; as well as fostering education on green energy and environmental matters. The organisers of the initiative “Protect the EU’s Rural Heritage, Food Security and Supply” call for a renewed EU commitment to promote regional heritage, rural sustainable growth and rising living standards in rural regions, in order to ensure the longevity of the EU’s food-producing communities. As these European Citizens’ Initiatives fulfil the formal conditions, the Commission considers that they are legally admissible. The Commission has not analysed the substance of the proposal at this stage. Following today’s registration, the organisers have six months to open the signature collection. If a European Citizens’ Initiative receives one million statements of support within a year, from at least seven different Member States, the Commission will have to react. The Commission could decide to take the request forward or not, and will be required to explain its reasoning. A press release with more information is available online.