European Citizens’ Panel to discuss Energy Efficiency

Today, 23 February, a new European Citizens’ Panel kicks off in Brussels.  150 randomly selected citizens from all 27 Member States will discuss the benefits and challenges of increasing energy efficiency, and how households, businesses, and communities should act. Energy savings have played a key role in tackling the energy crisis and are an important component of the European Green Deal and our plan to reach climate neutrality by 2050. Over the course of three weekends, citizens will formulate recommendations that will influence future EU policies and feed into a Commission Recommendation on the “Energy Efficiency First” Principle to be addressed to the Member States.

The panel will be complemented by a new Citizens’ Engagement Platform, an easily accessible online platform that enables all EU citizens to join the debate and take a seat at the table. It will provide a forum for all EU citizens to share their ideas and exchange with others on topics of EU importance, in all 24 official EU languages. The plenary sessions of the European Citizens’ Panel will be web-streamed on 23 and 25 February on the platform. Other Citizens’ Panels will follow in 2024.

Dubravka Šuica, Vice-President for Democracy and Demography, said: “Citizens asked, and we delivered. By embedding European Citizens’ Panels in the regular rhythm of European policymaking, and introducing the Citizens’ Engagement Platform, the Commission is taking important steps to build a European democracy fit for the future and improve the quality of our policies. Democracy thrives on the ability of citizens to contribute and participate in their democracy at all levels of governance.”
Kadri Simson, Commissioner for Energy, said: “With the energy crisis, we have all learnt to be more mindful of our energy consumption. European citizens and companies have been of huge help to ensure security of supply and calm the markets by saving energy voluntarily. I look forward to the contributions and feedback of our citizens and wish them fruitful discussions on this crucial topic.”