European Commission decides to second OLAF Director-General to Italy’s Customs and Monopoly Agency

Following a request by the government of the Republic of Italy, the European Commission has today decided to second Mr Giovani Kessler, Director-General of the European Union’s anti-fraud office (“OLAF”), to Italy’s Customs and Monopoly Agency. Mr Kessler is being seconded in the interest of the service under Article 38 of the EU Staff Regulations. To ensure business continuity, and in line with a Commission Decision of 13 July 2005, Mr Nicholas Ilett will be acting Director-General of OLAF as of 16 October and until the appointment of the new Director-General, which is expected to happen early 2018. Mr Ilett, a British national, has worked in OLAF since he joined the Commission in 2002. Since then, he has led several of OLAF’s Directorates and has also been an acting Director-General of OLAF in 2010.