European Green Deal: Commission opens public consultation on new climate change adaptation strategy

As part of the European Green Deal, the Commission plans to put forward a new Climate Adaptation Strategy in early 2021, and is opening today a public consultation on this topic (available shortly). The new adaptation strategy will be building on the current strategy adopted in 2013. Stakeholders and citizens are invited to share their views and experience until 20 August 2020. Global and European temperatures have repeatedly broken long-term records in recent years and floods and droughts have increased dramatically. Climate change is no longer a faraway problem for future generation but its impacts on people, planet and prosperity are very real and we feel them here in Europe. The recovery from the current crisis will be an opportunity to make our society more resilient. This includes climate-proofing our economy, integrating climate aspects in risk management practices, and stepping up prevention and preparedness. The Commission is also publishing today the results of the new PESETA project, which presents the projected impacts of climate change on the EU and beyond.