European Green Deal: Online public consultation on more ambitious EU 2030 climate target

While all the Commission’s immediate political focus is on the task of combating the coronavirus, we are continuing our preparatory work on long-term policy priorities including the European Green Deal. Therefore, the Commission is launching today an online public consultation on the increase of the EU’s 2030 climate target and on the actions and policies necessary to achieve deeper greenhouse gas emission cuts. As part of the European Green Deal, which is Europe’s growth strategy, the Commission will put forward a comprehensive and impact assessed plan to increase the EU’s 2030 climate target to at least -50% and towards -55%, compared to 1990 emission levels. Once agreed, the Commission will then propose to include the new target in the recently tabled European Climate Law. The new 2030 target will also shape the Commission’s assessment of all relevant sectorial legislation by summer 2021, including legislation on energy efficiency, renewable energy, effort sharing and the EU emission trading system. Revising the current 2030 target upwards will put the EU on a more gradual pathway to climate-neutrality by 2050. It will also help to ensure first mover benefits for European industry, avoid stranded assets and strengthen the EU’s global leadership role in international climate negotiations. The online consultation will be open for 12 weeks from 31 March until 23 June 2020. You will find more information online.