European Parliament Agenda: The Week Ahead 27 April – 30 May 2015

Plenary session, Strasbourg

Tragedies in the Mediterranean. MEPs will demand concrete action to halt the drowning of Mediterranean migrants and refugees in a key debate chaired by EP president Martin Schulz with Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Council President Donald Tusk, who will also comment on the results of the extraordinary summit, on Wednesday at 9.00. A resolution will be put to the vote at noon.

European security strategy. MEPs will state their views on the new “European Agenda on Security”, setting out key priorities and actions to fight terrorism, organised crime and cybercrime, in a debate with home affairs Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos on Tuesday afternoon, immediately after the Commission approves it. (Debate Tuesday, vote Wednesday)

Plastic bags. EU countries would be required to reduce the widespread use of the most polluting light weight plastic bags under draft rules informally agreed with the Council and up for approval by the full chamber. A press round-table with the lead MEP will be held on Monday at 18h with a press conference scheduled for Tuesday at 16.00. (Debate and vote Tuesday)

Biofuels. An informal deal struck by MEPs and ministers on a draft law to accelerate the shift to alternative biofuels, derived from waste or residues, and new sources such as seaweed, will be put to a vote on Tuesday. The new rules will cap crop-derived biofuel production to cut greenhouse gas emissions caused by the growing use of farm land for biofuel crops. A press conference takes place at 15.30. (Debate Tuesday, vote Tuesday)

Youth employment initiative. European Social Fund rule changes needed to deliver €1 billion in EU funding this year to help member states get up to 650,000 young people into work will be debated on Tuesday evening and put to a vote on Wednesday. A press conference is scheduled for 14.30. (Wednesday)

eCall in cars. Emergency call devices that automatically alert rescue services to car crashes (eCall) would have to be fitted to all new models of cars and light vans by 31 March 2018 if Parliament confirms an informal deal with the Council of Ministers. The rapporteur will hold a press conference after the vote, at 14.00. (Debate Monday, vote Tuesday)

President’s diary. President Schulz will meet Romania’s Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Tuesday afternoon, after a meeting with the President of the French Senate Gérard Larcher. On Wednesday at 16.00 he will meet Kurdish Yezidi women victims of terrorist atrocities.

Pre-session press briefing. The EP Press Service will hold a press briefing at 16.30 on Monday. (EP Press conference room, Strasbourg)