Executive Vice-President Timmermans visits Brussels Motor Show to discuss clean mobility solutions for Europe

This morning, Frans Timmermans visited the Brussels Motor Show in his capacity as Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal to discuss clean mobility solutions for European consumers. Executive Vice-President Timmermans spoke to a wide range of manufacturers about their plans for developing new products for the market, and about current infrastructure and financial challenges for the industry and for consumers. He also underlined to industry representatives the importance of action by the transport sector to help meet the EU’s goal of becoming a climate-neutral bloc by 2050. Executive Vice-President Timmermans said today: “More and more Europeans want to make the switch to cleaner forms of transport, either public or private, and the European Green Deal will help them to do so. Today was important for me to see the full range of solutions on the market, and to hear what manufacturers’ investment plans are in the future. Many people still worry that they cannot afford these vehicles or that they won’t have the range they need. That is why we are putting a focus on strengthening the charging infrastructure available across Europe, and also exploring innovative financing models to make cleaner vehicles more accessible to more people. This will be part of the Commission’s Sustainable Mobility Strategy which will be presented later this year.”