Farmers: how Parliament wants to help them earn a better living

Making a living as a farmer is becoming increasingly difficult in Europe. As large retail chains are able to dictate the terms, farmers are often forced to sell their products for less than they cost to produce. On 7 June MEPs adopted a resolution, calling for an end to these unfair trading practices. They now want the European Commission to come up with proposals to improve farmers’ bargaining position. Watch our video to find out more about how the market operates.

Resolution author Edward Czesak, a Polish member of the ECR group, explains in the video how supermarket chains are able to exploit farmers: ” [These chains can charge] late payment for delivered products, forcing vendors to bear various promotional costs or the costs of transporting or warehousing the articles,”

Parliament resolution

In the resolution adopted on 7 June. MEPs call on the European Commission to put forward proposals to tackle unfair trading practices in the food supply chain as voluntary and self-regulatory schemes have so far have had limited results.

MEPs believe farmers are entitled to fair earnings, which is why their bargaining power has to improve.  There should be fair and transparent trade relations among food producers, suppliers and distributors, guaranteeing a wider choice for consumers. Fair trading practices should also help to prevent overproduction and food waste.