Fight against corruption: Eurobarometer data show growing concern over corruption among citizens and businesses

Today, the Commission has released the results of the latest Special and Flash Eurobarometer surveys on citizens’ and businesses’ attitudes towards corruption in the EU. The results of the Special Eurobarometer show that a growing majority of Europeans consider corruption to be unacceptable. However, Europeans are increasingly sceptical about efforts to address corruption. 67% of respondents believe that high-level corruption cases are not sufficiently pursued, and 60% do not think that government efforts to combat corruption are effective. Across the EU, an average of 70% of citizens consider corruption to be widespread in their Member States. Similarly, most companies (65%) think corruption is widespread with favouritism in public institutions (48%) as the most common practice of corruption.

Through its annual Rule of Law Report cycle, the Commission also monitors anti-corruption developments at national level, identifies challenges and issues of recommendations to Member States. The recommendations issued this year, included in the fourth annual Rule of Law Report published today by the Commission, are related to the strengthening of preventive frameworks, such as those governing lobbying and conflicts of interest rules, as well as ensuring the effective investigation and prosecution of corruption cases.

The Commission has recently taken decisive action to fight corruption in the EU and worldwide, delivering on the commitment made by President von der Leyen in her 2022 State of the Union address. With the anti-corruption proposals presented on 3 May, the Commission will build on measures in place and strengthen efforts to integrate the prevention of corruption into the design of EU policies and programs, actively supporting Member States’ work to put in place strong anti-corruption policies and legislation.

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