Four more EU Member States join initiative to explore quantum communication for Europe

Yesterday in Brussels, four EU Member States, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark and Romania, signed the quantum communication infrastructure (QCI) declaration of cooperation, which was originally launched at the Digital Assembly in June 2019. This development, along with Czechia’s signature last month, brings the number of countries that have already joined the initiative up to 24. Supported by the Commission and the European Space Agency, they have agreed to explore building a QCI across Europe, with the aim of boosting European capabilities in quantum technologiescybersecurity and industrial competitiveness. Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for Internal Market, said: “The signatures taking place this week demonstrate the importance given by Member States to develop a quantum communication infrastructure in Europe. This project is critical to the EU’s technological sovereignty; it will prepare the next generation of communications security with quantum-safe encryption, building on quantum entanglement properties. Such European cooperation will be essential for the EU to be able to lead the way as a global competitor in the field of quantum technologies.” The signatory countries will consider the possibility of building a European QCI within the next 10 years. The ultimate goal is for this infrastructure to become the backbone for Europe’s quantum internet, connecting quantum computers, simulators and sensors to distribute information and resources securely all over Europe. More information is available here.