“Gazprom-lobby”: Foreign Interference Committee to meet investigative journalist

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On Thursday, journalist Justus von Daniels of CORRECTIV will talk to MEPs about Russian oil giant Gazprom’s strategy to infiltrate German political elite. Non-profit investigation consortium CORRECTIV published the outcome of its investigations in an article “The Gazprom-lobby” a month ago.

Justus von Daniels, its editor-in-chief, will be present at the meeting. Interpretation will be available in EN, FR, DE, IT, ES, PL.

Time: Thursday, 13 October, 9:00-10:30

Venue: SPAAK 4B1, European Parliament, Brussels

Live webstream here.


In the final report of the predecessor of the current Foreign Interference Committee, Parliament commented on the recruitment of influential political figures in several European countries by, in particular, Russia and China, but also Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. The report cites, among others, Gazprom activities in Germany.