Green Deal: Commission seeks views on possible EU Soil Health Law

Yesterday, the Commission launched an online public consultation on the development of a possible EU Soil Health Law. The EU Soil Strategy for 2030, adopted last year, announced that the Commission will table a new legislative proposal on soil health providing a comprehensive legal framework for soil protection, granting it the same level of protection that exists for water, the marine environment and air in the EU. Sustainable soil management and restoration requires the involvement of a wide range of economic and societal actors and all interested parties are invited to contribute to the consultation which is open until 25 October 2022. Commissioner for the Environment, Oceans and Fisheries Virginijus Sinkevičius said: “The way we use land is decisive. It can either compromise or foster progress in halting biodiversity loss and climate change. It is also more and more evident how healthy soils are crucial for food security and safety in the EU and beyond. Action for soil protection is a prominent feature in the European Green Deal and at the heart of our European and international agendas.” Soils are the foundation of our food security, providing 95% of the food we eat, and are vital for life on Earth. They deliver many essential services, and their health is crucial to achieving key objectives of the European Green Deal such as climate neutrality, biodiversity restoration, zero pollution, healthy and sustainable food systems and a resilient environment. More information is available here.