Greening Aviation: Commission launches public consultation on sustainable aviation fuels

Yesterday, the Commission launched a public consultation on measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the aviation sector. The Commission is currently assessing different policy options to boost the development and uptake of sustainable aviation fuels in the EU. It invites citizens and interested parties from industry and society to share their views and ideas. Commissioner for Transport, Adina Vălean, said: “To achieve the targets of the European Green Deal, the transport sector will need to reduce its emissions by 90%. All transport modes are expected to contribute, including aviation. In the past months, the aviation sector has been heavily hit by the coronavirus pandemic. The objective of our ReFuelEU Aviation initiative is to use the recovery as an opportunity for aviation to become greener and help to reach the EU’s climate targets by boosting the largely untapped potential of sustainable aviation fuels.” The initiative was announced as part of the European Green Deal in December 2019 and will be part of the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy scheduled for adoption before the end of 2020. The consultation is available on the ‘Have Your Say’ portal where interested parties are invited to share their feedback and opinions. The consultation will be open until 28 October 2020.